"Emphatic Thinking took the time to learn what the Intune product is capable of, understand the history of Microsoft in the enterprise mobility management context, and then helped me bring the most impactful elements of Intune to life in an amazing series of infographics."

Vlad Petrosyan, Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft

“Those guys are AWESOME! They designed the event to flow smoothly and cohesively. They tied everything up neatly with a story of how our sales team can accelerate the momentum.”

Bill Keadle, CRO, Rocket Fuel

“Time to market was essential. We went from idea to in-market in six weeks.”

Kumar Doshi, Sr. Director, Marketing, Rocket Fuel

“Emphatic Thinking did an excellent job on a price sensitivity study for a new product we are launching. They exceeded my expectations by providing tremendous value add to our pricing approach, and an extreme level of quantitative analysis that will allow us to maximize revenue.”

Kyle Maeda, VP of Technology, Kinetiq

“Emphatic is my go to resource when it comes to defining and clearly communicating our company strategy to the most important audiences. Their strategic and technical acumen, combined with their creative chops, enable us to land messages critical to moving forward with our strategy.”

Cameron Scott, GoDaddy

“There is this general tone within Emphatic that I like a lot, a tone that is very responsive, open, approachable, and it’s intellectually challenging.”

Mark Cokes, VP Marketing, Ooyala

“Emphatic’s initial work building a deep dive white paper on education ITDM needs and device deployment lead me to pursue further assets with them covering EMS within the context of Microsoft 365 Education, including infographics and a technical datasheet, to be used in campaigns for the education buying season. We are planning to expand these efforts into additional areas like Firstline Workers and Small Business in 2018”

Ari Schorr, Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft

"The hard part about marketing a technical product is elegantly telling both the why and the how of your story – you need to articulate the benefit and outcomes as well as how your technology delivers. Emphatic Thinking helped me do this for Microsoft Intune by taking the time and care to deeply understand my product and market, and create awesome content that will resonate with customers.”

Danielle Damasius, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft