Emphatic Research

Emphatic Research is Emphatic Thinking’s dedicated research division that focuses on understanding go-to-market challenges. We have a unique methodological legacy involving robust quantitative analysis as well as a variety of qualitative approaches.

Your choice isn’t just a survey, a focus group, or interviews, but can also include sentiment analysis, net promoter score, effective language identification, and more. Our research team has over 10 years of higher education academic experience to lend to your cause.

Marketing Intelligence

We develop data-driven insights that empower your marketing efforts.

Survey Instrumentation

We design thoughtful survey instruments to gather the information you seek with a useful response rate and reliable responses.

Research Reports

We deliver industry-defining quantitative and qualitative analysis for a wide variety of clients.

Strategic Recommendations

We offer evidence-based recommendations for how your company can integrate research results into messaging.

Recent insights


53% of educators considered ranked continued tech education
as their top priority regarding technological teaching aspects.


70% of educators responded that they preferred
Windows OS to Chrome OS (15%) and OS X (14.5%)


47.6% of educators believe that students
are about as tech savvy as they are.

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